Palermo – 14 June, 2022
10:30 – 13:00

The PANTERA EU project and EERA JP on Smart Grids jointly organise at the IEEE MELECON 2022 conference the workshop:

The EIRIE platform enabling R&I
activities and investment in smart grids

Presentation of EIRIE’s platform functionalities and discussion with stakeholders on the role of storage, e-mobility and policies to support the clean energy transition

During the workshop the EIRIE multifunctional platform, developed by the PANTERA EU project (, will be presented and its main functionalities will be described in detail. EIRIE is meant to be a reference point for the EU Research & Innovation community by facilitating to search, find and share relevant results from EU projects thus supporting R&I activities and investments across Europe. Being the main focus of EIRIE the fields of smart grids, storage and local energy systems, two round tables will be dedicated to discussing with invited stakeholders from industry, academia and research organisations about the role of storage, e-mobility and energy policies in supporting the clean energy transition.